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More than 100x increase in video views during campaign


CIS came to us for a fundraising video early in 2022, and we told them we had an even better idea - an extended video campaign to ramp up support and awareness for their mission.


In addition to the long-form video telling Junior's story, we created 8 weekly videos that allowed everyone to really get to know Junior and the three amazing CIS Social Workers. 

We worked with CIS to map out their social media plan for the coming months and determine the best strategy for integrating the abbreviated video campaign into their existing schedule.


2022 Campaign Results:

Video Views - 6,439

Social Media Engagements - 2,432

The video campaign drastically increased interactions between CIS and their audience, and other CIS social content posted during the campaign received a boost as well.

2021 Single Video Results:

Video Views - 63 

Social Media Engagements - 31

CIS Junior's Story
CIS 2022 Junior Video
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Spring 2022 Campaign 1 - The Calling
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Spring 2022 Campaign 2 - Grandma Candy
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From Unknown to Two-Race Winner in 2 Months


At the end of 2020, a special election was announced for Texas House District 68. This massive district spans 22 counties and snakes through north Texas and the Texas panhandle.  With Election Day set for less than 4 weeks after the announcement, and a field full of relatively unknown candidates, the challenges were numerous. 


We knew that the winner of this 5-person race would be a candidate that not only aligned with voters on the issues, but someone that they felt they knew and could trust. And that TV and digital would be critical in reaching voters in the short campaign window. Less than a week after the election announcement, we spent a day filming with David Spiller. We produced 1 TV spot and 9 digital ads from scripts that he delivered into camera, allowing him to personally connect with the voters in ways that otherwise would have been impossible. The spots started rolling out 2 days after we filmed.


Spiller dominated the field, receiving 44% of the vote in the Special Election and went into a Runoff that was scheduled 1 month later. We updated and repurposed many of the spots for the Runoff Election. We also produced a new TV spot that ran for two weeks leading up to the Election. Spiller won the Runoff handily, receiving 62.9% of the vote.


According to Murphy Nasica and Associates, the firm running Spiller's campaign, "Without Mission.Video's expeditious, visionary team, there would not be a Representative David Spiller in the Texas Legislature today. They achieved a breakthrough, quality message that connected with the voters and pushed the candidate over the top in a crowded field."